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  • Does your company have machines in Russia but thier number is not enough to start your own service rep office?
  • Your existing rep office is neither big, nor efficient enough to deal with spare parts, and the running costs cut all of its profit?
  • Your clients suffer buying s-parts from different agents with various mark-up for the same components?
  • There is a language barrier which makes your communications difficult with Russian final users?
  • The bureaucracy level is too high even to send some simple parts and your customer asks a thousand questions for custom procedures?
  • You almost never know if your offer got to the customer and what he thinks about it?
  • And...

There could be many questions like these. But it’s all about having happy end users and making your job more effective and profitable.

We know the solution!

What we offer is a special program for OEM. FUTURA GLOBAL becomes an external outsource after-sales office for you company. We make everyday communication with existing end users, define their needs and in understandable way (see the video of typical request) we transfer their requests to OEM. For each and every offer for a final user we immediately issue a DDP offer to be paid in local currency with door-to-door delivery, and the day after we ask the customer for his feedback. All the data we receive both from final users and suppliers is put forward to our certified system, so the OEM could always get the previous statistics.

Thanks to our transparent pricing, the final user can always compare the original OEM offer with the offer in local currency. Our principle is to make a bigger turn-over, than to have a bigger mark-up.

Moreover, we have a great particular experience with Uzbekistan customers and their specific requests for goods delivery, payments etc. We also know also the specifics of financial administration which meets OEM working directly with Uzbek market. We know how to make your after-sales business more effective!

Guarantee s-parts, always confirmed export formalities, statistics, absence of language barrier and other benefits make your job more effective and as a result you would have happy final users and increasing of turn-over for After-Sales market – to say nothing of great possibilities for new sales!

Mainly, we work with OEMs who have quite a big number of existing machines on the market and the potential after-sales turnover makes cooperation profitable thanks to partner discount for s-parts. In this case we don’t ask any money from OEM to use our service. On the contrary, we should analyze the existing picture and find a solution.

Ask us now how to start cooperation with us today!